Medical Records Service

Obtaining medical records for review and incorporation into the Medico-Legal Report can be a very time consuming task.

Whether an application is made for a single set of GP records or a request for multiple sets of records from different sources, the Case Co-ordinators at Medreport are trained and experienced in this process.

We will:

  • If required, arrange for the appropriate Authority Form to be signed by your client agreeing to the release of their medical records.
  • Apply for the requisite medical records and where applicable X-rays and scans.
  • Track the progress of the medical records and keep you informed each time a set of records are received and what records remain outstanding.
  • Ensure payments are made promptly to the relevant Data Source in order to obtain the medical records as quickly as possible.
  • Check the medical records upon receipt to make they are complete and in good chronological order before these are scanned and sent to the Expert in preparation for the examination/Report.
  • Comply with and ensure that our Experts adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act.


Available to download as PDF:
Our Medical Records Service